We help people feel at home wherever they choose to live.

How we do it

We then offer these turnkey apartments for stays 1 week 15 days of 30 days

Today’s world moves at the speed of a few clicks, and yet finding, furnishing, and setting up a new place to call home can still take up to 4 weeks or more. HavinHomes was built to do all the legwork for you — so you can simply show up and start living.

Why Havin Homes


  • 11,500+

    Happy Customers

  • ₹3+ Cr

    Savings made on brokerage

  • 125

    Beautiful Houses

  • 7

    Industrial clusters


We believe time is of the utmost importance and the greatest gift we can give ourselves, clients & others.

This belief manifests itself in three ways:

No time wasted, save time, hustle for time.

Allocate time where it matters most: prioritize, focus on building and creating.

Enjoy our time, have fun, be excited about what we do.

Our goal is to create a product that people love. We invest time in understanding what our clients want, and exceeding their expectations is what we strive to do.

We work hard every day to earn our clients’ respect and trust.

We view excellence as a guiding light towards where we want to take our product, our relationships, and the quality of our work. We’re never done being better and accepting that is essential to our growth and development.

For us, excellence isn’t simply a standard. It’s an exciting way to look at life.

Transparency is a fair, honest, rewarding, and time-saving approach to communication. It establishes trust and cultivates meaningful relationships.

At HavinHomes, we strive to be crystal clear about our booking flow, policies, how we charge, and the caliber of service we strive to deliver for all our guests.

Who we are

HavinHomes is a growing global team of real estate experts, designers, engineers, travelers, operations specialists, hospitality professionals, and locals with a vision of making people

feel at home wherever they choose to live.

Each and every one of us has experienced the pains of moving or relocating. In fact Kalpana and Bhargav, one of our founders, started HavinHomes after living in 7different cities in just 10 years and was determined to find a better way to experience city living.